Fleadh Information

Provisional Timetables for Fleadh Laighean Muine Bheag 2018 

Please note the times and venues are subject to change on the day.

Friday 13th July

Friday 13th Dancing Only Timetable Muine Bheag 2018

Saturday 14th July

New Venues Final TT 2018 Version 2_A4 Landscape Sheet1 (1)

Sunday 15th July

Sunday TT LF 2018 version 2_A4 Landscape Sheet1 (3)

County Winners Letter 2018

County Winners letter 2018 for Leinster Fleadh 2018

Information for Competitors

Information for Competitors

Please see DOWNLOADS page for Adjudication Sheets and Multiple Competitions Form

Recording Permits

Conditions on Which Recording Permits are Granted.

Workshop details

Fleadh Laighean Workshops 2018 (1)

Wrist Band Policy

Fleadh Cheoil Laighean Competition and Wrist band policy Clár

Map of the Fleadh

fleadh map